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Monday, January 21, 2019
Membership Plans
Individual Membership -  Single person over the age of eighteen (18) access to the facility and other benefits provided by the Vasco da Gama Portuguese Cultural & Civic Center.
  • Initiation Fees - $100
  • Annual Fees -$100

Family Membership - Entitles immediate family to full membership rights to Vasco da Gama Portuguese Cultural & Civic Center benefits. Two keys will be granted to applicant and spouse Children between the age of eighteen and twenty five needs to be enrolled as a student. School enrollment documentation will need to be provided.

  • Initiation Fees - $100
  • Annual Fees - $125

Retiree Membership - Retired members over the age of sixty five (65) or retired for disability reasons and have been members for ten consecutive years of the Vasco da Gama Cultural & Civic Center. Members that have not been members for ten consecutive years can transition to senior citizen plan until they complete ten consecutive ten years. Upon completion of ten consecutive years the member will be able to qualify for the retiree type membership.

  • Annual Fees will be waived
Senior Citizenship Membership - Individual Members over the age of Sixty five that are not retired or have not been a member for ten consecutive years.
  • Initiation Fees - $15
  • Annual Fees - $50
Soccer Player & Youth Memberships - Entitles players of the Vasco da Gama Soccer teams and anyone under the age of 30 to join at a discounted initiation fees.
  • Initiation Fees - $25
  • Annual Fees - $100

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