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Monday, January 21, 2019
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Main Telephone: (203) 368-1707

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A non-profit organization whose purpose is to encourage and advance the appreciation of Portuguese culture and language and its impact on American life, education and integration into the community.

  • Unifying the local Portuguese-American Community...
  • Promoting Portuguese culture and heritage...
  • Social and Cultural events and activities...
  • Perform works of charity...

Board of Directors
Al Martins                                     
Christine Froias
Elisa Sampaio
Eusebio Santos
Fernanda Oliveira
Joao Rosa
John Gil
Jose Rodrigues
Manny Gomes
Maria Lage
Mario Dias
Mario Goncalves
Mike Fernandes
Tony Goncalves
Tony Luis

Executive Committee
 Jose Rodrigues  Chairperson
 Mike Fernandes  President
 Maria Lage  Vice President
 Al Martins  Treasurer
 Elisa Sampaio Secretary


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