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Monday, January 21, 2019

Committee Members Committee Members
Auditing Mike Ganino Chairperson New Facilities  Joe Pereira  Chairperson
    Jaime Vicencio  
    Joe Goncalves  
Arts & Culture Elsa Cardoso Chairperson  
Jose Rodrigues   Sports Bar Delmar Reis  
Paula Pipa   Tony Luis  
Zeza Costa   Joao Seara  
    Ismael Portela  
    Luis Rodrigues  
Discipline Jack Goncalves Chairperson Sports Mario Dias Chairperson
Carlos Vinhais   Adults - SubCommittee
Bruno Rodrigues   Joe Vinhais Chairperson
Education Joao Rosa Chairperson Over 30 Pres John Gil
Jose Rosa   Over 40 Pres Carlos Alves
Mike Leandres   Over 50 Pres Tony Costa
Events/Festas Eusebio Santos Chairperson   Youth - SubCommittee
Maria Lage   Sergio Fernandes Chairperson
Aurelio Sampaio   Nelson Lopes U12
Special Events Brian Moura U10
Paula Santos   Carlos Borges U10
Elisa Sampaio   Jose Rosa Developmental
Finance Al Martins Chairperson    
Tony Goncalves   Young Professionals Group Manny Gomes Chairperson
Maintenance Justo Oliveira Chairperson    
Jose Teixeira      
Marketing Christine Froias Chairperson Our Lady of Fatima - St. Margaret's Shrine Memorial Zeza Costa Co-Chairperson
Fernanda Oliveira   Maria Ribeiro  Co-Chairperson
    Fernanda Oliveira  
Membership John Gil Chairperson Maria Lage  
Jorge Santos   Arthur Monteiro  
Fernando Sousa   Gabriel Pereira  
Amandio da Silva  
Delmar Reis  

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